The B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music and The Young Quill team collaborated for the first time for the musical / theatrical performance “Who was the murderer of my brother” by Georgios Vizyinos, one of the masterpieces of Greek literature. Through the dramatization of murder mystery with a strong ethnographic element, we are confronted with the age-old problem of the guilty conscience and the question of who is the real culprit: the perpetrator or the moral perpetrator?

Text: Georgios Vizyinos

Theatrical text adaptation: The Young Quill Group

Directed by: Aikaterini Papageorgiou

Music curation: Christina Kostea

Costume designer: Marios Rammos

Stage Manager: Kostis Mousikos

Starring (alphabetically): Christos Karavevas, Filia Kanellopoulou, Christina Kostea, Fanis Milleounis