A “supposedly” everyday story that challenges itself by balancing between reality and fantasy. We trace the paradox of relationships, thoughts, decay, infidelity and the unknown or known “other”. No answers are given, only questions are raised.

With this work, Florian Zeller won the award for best debut writer in France in 2005. The play was presented for the first time in Greece by the group at the Little Horn Theatre.

Text: Florian Zeller

Translation: Nikos Gialelis

Directed by: Aikaterini Papageorgiou

Set Design: The Young Quill Team

Costumes: Marios Rammos

Original music: Christina Kostea and Thanos Karageorgiou

Lighting design: Kostis Mousikos

Assistant director: Fanis Milleounis

Photos: Elina Giunanli

Starring (alphabetically): Leonidas Kalfagiannis, Costas Kappas, Marianna Polychronidou