The Young Quill was founded in London in 2017 as a theatrical group of graduates of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London.  In 2019 the group moved to Athens, Greece. So far, we have been active in both Greece and England.

The Young Quill produces original plays and also translates and adapts  Greek and foreign poetic and literary texts into musical / theatrical performances.

For each performance, we place great emphasis researching and continuously co-creating with all the actors and performers of the group. Our goal is to create a common and each time separate theatrical language.

Original or live music is an integral part of our work, as we explore ways to develop the relationship between speech, the acoustic possibilities that result from it, and the course of the human body in space.

During the pandemic, the team expanded its activities by testing new means of creative expression with a strong technology aspect. So far, these activities include film animation, cultural content creation for digital museums (VR rooms, touch screens, dioramas, etc) and compilations. We approach new media all the while being inspired by and based on the art of theater, starting a dialogue of influences between them.


51 Pallikaridi St
Athnes, 11363